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MoreHands Maid Service is a family-owned business that provides cleaning and errand services across Texas. They needed a reliable Salesforce partner to help them build their business into the platform to provide better customer experiences and help streamline their internal operations. The main goal was to use efficient tech to offer an efficient service, so MoreHands can create more joy for their clients.

Texas, USA
The challenge

MoreHands makes life easier for busy Texans by running their errands and making sure they return to a clean, shiny home after a long day at work. They've been at it for over 20 years.

Back in 2018, the MoreHands team was trying to build their business into Salesforce, but they had gone through a series of frustrating experiences in the past with other technology partners, and as a result, their system was barely functioning.

They needed a partner to join their team, evaluate their Salesforce instance, untangle it, and open it up to possibilities of new features that would streamline their business operations. They also needed a team that was cost-effective and in their time zone.

Luckily, Modelit was a match — and a long-term technology partnership was born!

I have worked with numerous development teams in the past and have had many varied experiences from ok to really challenging. Modelit was truly a breath of fresh air.
Greg Norell
President, MoreHands
The solution

Together with the MoreHands team, we started off by evaluating and understanding the system, and making sure we all had clarity about what was happening and what was possible. Once we knew what the system was doing, we dove into Custom Development to resolve errors and build out the MoreHands platform.

That done, Salesforce was finally ready to function for all branches of the business. With the system implemented across MoreHands, we brought in a Salesforce Administrator to better understand needs from stakeholders, and make recommendations for improvements.

Now that their Salesforce instance was functioning and ready, MoreHands was finally able to act on their vision for the platform, and build new features on top of it. Together we implemented processes to improve customer satisfaction, employee experience, and internal operations. To name a few:

  • Using FormAssembly, we integrated tip-giving into the client feedback form — by making this a one-step process, customers got a simpler experience, and employees started getting more tips.
  • We created a custom employee app that integrates with Salesforce. Everything that was previously done on paper — employee schedules, instructions, time stamps, pay checks — is now accessible right in their phones.
  • Customer reviews, too, are now sent directly to employees in the app. Using Google Translation API, we set up customer feedback to translate automatically into Spanish, the preferred language of the MoreHands cleaning crew.
  • With Google Distance API, we were able to estimate accurate ETA's for cleaning teams, and automatically send ETA text messages — that means customers no longer have to make phone calls to find out when their team will arrive, and MoreHands now has a much more accurate way to estimate cleaning schedules.
I had a very strong vision of what I wanted to happen, and the Modelit crew was helping me map that to Salesforce.
Greg Norell
President, MoreHands
How we helped
At the end of this process,
  • Make informed business decisions based on actual data collected across all locations
  • Streamline daily operations (with no paper and less phone calls!)
  • Increase customer satisfaction by automating key parts of their experience.
  • Improve employee experience with a custom app and creative solutions.

And best of all, MoreHands and Modelit have become long-term technology partners. Since we began, we've been able to work on all kinds of exciting projects together, including a custom mobile app for customers. Stay tuned to see what else comes from our collaboration!

As long as MoreHands is in place, and as long as [Modelit] is in business, I don't think I'll ever leave. I just don't. We'll have an ongoing, life-long relationship, I hope.
Greg Norell
President, MoreHands


specific metrics that show client's success
specific metrics that show client's success
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