• IT Consulting

    Creating custom business systems doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive or time-consuming. Modelit can move your business operations into the cloud. As your IT consultant and partner, we help you update and automate the way you do business, integrating new and existing processes using powerful, flexible, cost efficient cloud-based technology.

    • Speed up and improve the way you develop sales leads, connect with your customers, process orders, generate reports, and maintain records.
    • Adjust information technology to your unique business structure and needs.
    • Create or revamp your system to be up and running quickly.
  • Cloud Services

    We harness the strength and stability of Salesforce.com and Amazon Web Services to run your business with high efficiency and ease, from set-up through maintenance.

    • Grow sales, manage customer service, market digitally, and build apps with the cloud’s premier sales and marketing platform.
    • Take advantage of the expertise of our team of certified Salesforce.com developers.
    • Eliminate the need for expensive servers by tapping into the large remote computing services of Amazon Web Services for your applications.
  • App Development

    Turn a product idea into brand recognition, traffic and revenue. We select the appropriate development platform, build, and launch your web or mobile product.

    • Product analysis, resources, and timeline planning. We translate your idea into a functioning product.
    • System infrastructure design and appropriate technologies. We design your app using reliable and predictable processes and tools.
    • Back-end and front-end implementation. We design an array of features and integrated services to create a dynamic, interactive and useful app for your audience.
    • Thorough testing and documentation. Your app goes through careful testing for potential defects, inconsistencies or redundancies.

Experience Our Innovative Solutions

Running your business processes calls for carefully planned and intelligent practices. We are eager to extend our exceptional IT know-how and personal connection to our clients to keep the wheels of your operation spinning smoothly, efficiently, and at top speed.

Why Choose Us?

There are solutions to any business process in the cloud. Modelit can build that system for you so you can run your operation better and more efficiently. And while creating solutions can’t always be quick, we can reduce the development time with the use of the best technology. Let us help you connect with your customers, manage data and processes, and create exposure and revenue with apps. All this is possible, including the flexibility and customization that your business requires—without unnecessary software, personnel expenditures, or consuming you precious time.

  • Here’s why you should let us handle your next project:
    • Our expertise. We’re seasoned developers who know how to blend existing technology with creative organic processes.
    • Our extensive knowledge and practical use of Salesforce.com platform and tools.
    • Cut through the learning curve and get up and running fast without IT experience.
    • Get expert answers to simple or complex business systems projects.
    • Receive design, implementation and ongoing support for as long as you need us.
    • Experience our creativity, integrity, and open collaboration philosophy.
  • Philosophy

    Our Philosophy

    Modelit was conceived with the desire to encourage people to reach their highest potential–whether they are our clients or our team members. It is through team work, collaboration, and creativity that we can grow something beautiful and long-lasting. We want to create an environment of limitless possibilities, to make a difference in the business world, and do it with integrity.


    Our Mission

    Creating and improving business systems and products is what fuels our energy. We offer our team the tools to do quality, leading edge work. We encourage core values of honesty, transparency, perpetual learning, and commitment to customer success to give them the motivation to grow personally and professionally. We offer our clients innovative solutions that make their business life easier.


    Our Tradition

    We follow best practices and are mindful of every action we perform—whether small or large, leading to a well-integrated system and well-implemented application. Those things may not always be noticeable on the surface, but for us, what people can’t see is as important as what they can see.
    We take care of our team, supplying them with motivation and growth opportunities. It’s important they are happy with what they are doing and are eager and excited about the projects on which they work.