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Salesforce Implementation & Consulting

We use Salesforce to drive your business forward with ease. Our certified CRM experts provide comprehensive analysis, customized solutions, and cohesive implementation.

AppExchange Development

We build tailored Salesforce apps to meet your specific needs. From there, we list them on AppExchange and streamline the security review process for your peace of mind.

Data & Integrations

We optimize your business performance with data-driven insights. Our team helps connect your systems and automate your processes, so you can focus on game-changing decisions.

Modelit Bolt

We offer lightning-fast outsourcing services to scale up your Salesforce team. Enjoy hassle-free management and unmatched support, at an incredible value.

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Through fostering agile project management, quality control, and thorough documentation – we guarantee the timely delivery of our top-quality, cost-effective products.

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We carefully select the most suitable, cutting-edge technology for your project to achieve your unique objectives and deliver the stunning results that you deserve.

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We seamlessly integrate with your team — leveraging our extensive knowledge of the Salesforce platform to enable the growth and success of your organization.

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Explore our client success stories to see how we’ve been able to boost companies towards solving their business challenges with Salesforce

Salesforce Data Cloud
How we harmonized PeerNova's customer data from Salesforce and Hubspot with a three-week Salesforce Data Cloud POC.

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Service Cloud, Experience Cloud
Modelit Snapshot: How we secured sensitive data with Salesforce.

Our client specializes in life expectancy analysis for life insurance policies, along with providing life insurance underwriting services. With a focus on meticulous data organization, the company operates two Salesforce orgs—one dedicated to insurance policy writing and the other for data organization to initiate policies. The life expectancy calculation org plays a pivotal role, collecting and processing insured client information to determine policy decisions. Additionally, the company utilizes Salesforce tools for document generation, email communication, and policy servicing, ensuring comprehensive coverage of their operations.

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Modelit Snapshot: How we facilitated the migration process from Hubspot to Salesforce.

Our client specializes in providing cybersecurity solutions for various software platforms. Operating as a small to medium-sized business, the client predominantly worked with HubSpot for their CRM needs in the past. The client was introduced to us by a Salesforce Account Executive, as they were in search of an outstanding implementation partner that could assist them in the migration from HubSpot CRM over to Salesforce. Here’s how Modelit got involved…

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Service Cloud
Modelit Snapshot: How we leveraged Service Cloud for customer excellence.

Our client builds top-of-the-line POS solutions for the live entertainment marketplace, with the goal of creating a smoother overall interaction between vendors and consumers. Their customers in the entertainment industry regularly approach them with questions about their products and logistics. Thus, it is crucial for them to have an excellent handle on their customer service. We built a cloud-based customer service solution to help our client excel in addressing everyday customer queries. Here’s how Modelit got involved...

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How Fair Trade USA™ uses Modelit to scale up its team.

Fair Trade USA is the leading certifier of fair trade products in North America. Its trusted Fair Trade Certified™ seal on a product signifies that it was made according to rigorous fair trade standards that promote sustainable livelihoods and safe working conditions, protection of the environment, and strong, transparent supply chains. Rather than creating dependency on aid, Fair Trade USA’s model empowers farmers, workers, and fishers to alleviate poverty and earn additional money to improve their communities. They needed a reliable partner to help them evolve their business into the Salesforce platform in order to maximize their positive impact. The main goal was to achieve stronger technological capabilities.

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Custom Solutions for Energy Efficiency.

In 2012, Modelit took on Build It Green as its first client. This nonprofit, which offers energy efficiency services throughout California, has since been acquired by Franklin Energy. With that acquisition in 2019, Franklin Energy was able to expand its reach to the west coast -- continuing with its mission of providing energy efficiency solutions to the entire United States. The ultimate goal is to encourage communities to make smart choices when it comes to energy efficiency, and to help reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2025. When we began working with Build It Green, they’d been using two separate legacy systems to run the Energy Upgrade California™ Home Upgrade - a program that is administered by the organization for Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E). Not only was this approach a slow and expensive one, but trouble with data integration between the two systems was also costing the company in customer satisfaction.

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Creating a better experience for MoreHands customers and employees alike.

MoreHands Maid Service is a family-owned business that provides cleaning and errand services across Texas. They needed a reliable Salesforce partner to help them build their business into the platform to provide better customer experiences and help streamline their internal operations. The main goal was to use efficient tech to offer an efficient service, so MoreHands can create more joy for their clients.

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How we streamlined payment scheduling for Amazon's FreeTime Unlimited service.

Amazon is a multinational technology company that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence, among many other things. In 2019, the Amazon App Store division needed to streamline its business operations. The main challenge was to implement a system capable of automatizing the processing of hundreds of payments while taking into account the particular terms of each individual agreement.

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