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Who they are

Build It Green

In 2012, Modelit took on Build It Green as its first client. This nonprofit, which offers energy efficiency services throughout California, has since been acquired by Franklin Energy. With that acquisition in 2019, Franklin Energy was able to expand its reach to the west coast -- continuing with its mission of providing energy efficiency solutions to the entire United States. The ultimate goal is to encourage communities to make smart choices when it comes to energy efficiency, and to help reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2025. When we began working with Build It Green, they’d been using two separate legacy systems to run the Energy Upgrade California™ Home Upgrade - a program that is administered by the organization for Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E). Not only was this approach a slow and expensive one, but trouble with data integration between the two systems was also costing the company in customer satisfaction.

California, USA
The challenge

In the Home Upgrade program, customers who make improvements to their energy efficiency are eligible to receive rebates. However, with the two legacy systems in use, data was not being properly moved from one system to the next. Then, too many customers were left wondering about their missing rebates. 

Our client needed to find a cost-effective way to manage and utilize customer data in a timely manner, in order to boost and maintain client satisfaction with their rebate program.

The solution

To address these issues, Modelit put together a team of 3 remote engineers and 1 quality assurance engineer. We decided to retire the two legacy systems that were taking too much of Build It Green’s time and money. Instead, taking advantage of the Salesforce Platform and Experience Cloud, we built custom solutions which made for a much smoother transfer of customer data. We built the capabilities of the two legacy systems into one new system within Salesforce.

Immediately, processing times for rebate applications sped up, which allowed for more applications to be reviewed and approved. What’s more, the team was able to address the integration issues while also reducing the cost by up to 50%. No longer needing to own the two legacy systems meant that Build It Green could cut this cost in half. With a reliable team on-hand at Modelit, the company saw 70% faster response times when it came to releasing new features to production without sacrificing quality. Customers and contractors quickly noted an improvement in overall usability after migrating all systems to Salesforce. A more pleasant user experience led to a rapid rise in customer satisfaction.

How we helped
At the end of this process,
Build It Green
  • 50% overall savings per year
  • 70% decrease in processing times

Modelit’s custom solutions for Build It Green proved so valuable that Franklin Energy continues to use them today. What we were able to implement in the past has helped the Home Upgrade rebate program develop into one of the most successful of its kind.


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