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Dreamforce 2023: Modelit to attend Salesforce’s top annual conference

San Francisco, CA — The much-anticipated Dreamforce 2023 conference is set to host a star-studded lineup of tech leaders, and this year, Modelit, a trailblazer in solution architecture, is taking center stage.

Angelica Buffa, the Chief Technology Officer of Modelit and a distinguished Salesforce MVP, is gearing up to share her wealth of knowledge and expertise in multiple sessions that promise to illuminate Dreamforce attendees on the intricacies of Salesforce architecture.

Architect Solutions for Maintainability

On September 12th and 14th, Angelica Buffa will co-present with Brian Shea at the "Architect Solutions for Maintainability" workshop held at Architect Vista in Moscone Center.

This interactive session aims to provide participants with hands-on experience as they navigate the delicate balance between standard and custom functionality. Attendees will delve into the complexities of pro-code and low-code use cases, guided by Angelica Buffa's seasoned insights. This Dreamforce workshop is a unique opportunity to make informed architectural decisions that prioritize the longevity and ease of maintenance of Salesforce solutions.

Architect’s Guide to Data Quality

On September 13th, Angelica will grace the Redwood Theater stage to shed light on the often underestimated yet critical aspect of data quality.

With her presentation, "Architect’s Guide to Data Quality," Buffa will underscore the profound impact that accurate and dependable data has on shaping business strategies. She will cover strategies for enhancing data quality, including areas such as data cleansing, validation, and advanced technologies. Attendees of this Dreamforce session will gain the expertise needed to cultivate impeccable data, a skill that lies at the heart of steering customer success to new heights.

Architect with ChatGPT

In a captivating session held on September 13th, Angelica will join forces with Modelit's COO, Diego Febles, to present "Architect with ChatGPT" at the Einstein Community Campfire.

This presentation will explore the revolutionary impact of AI-driven solution architecture — emphasizing the role of data quality in constructing robust solutions. Angelica and Diego will offer strategies for ensuring data integrity, accuracy, and consistency within Salesforce environments. Here, Dreamforce 2023 attendees will also discover how ChatGPT is transforming solution design, streamlining tasks, and enhancing daily productivity for architects.

Join Modelit for an Enlightening Experience

Modelit's presence at Dreamforce 2023 is a testament to the company’s expertise and dedication to empowering professionals in the Salesforce ecosystem.

As the CTO and of Modelit and a Salesforce MVP, Angelica Buffa brings a wealth of practical skills and insights to the Dreamforce stage. With the added presence of Modelit COO and Co-Founder, Diego Febles, Angelica’s presentations are poised to equip attendees with the tools they need to architect the future of Salesforce solutions with confidence and ingenuity.

Reach out today and set up a time to meet up with Modelit’s certified professionals at Dreamforce 2023! You won’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity!

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