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Why should you hire a Nearshore team?

What does it mean to work with a nearshore team?

These days, more companies are choosing to work with nearshore teams—What does this mean? 

The term nearshore outsourcing refers to the delegation of tasks to an extended team in another country, typically in a close time zone.  For example, this would be like a company located in the United States working with a company located in Latin America.

There are still a lot of companies debating whether or not it’s a good idea to hire people outside of the US. A common concern is that hiring remotely requires more caution, as teams can be up to thousands of kilometers away. However, this is not necessarily true when similar time zones make for smoother communication. 

“I have enjoyed increasing my potential customers, and I hope to reach more of them.”


Cost-effective solutions

The Salesforce ecosystem has been growing fast. At Dreamforce 2021, it was announced that roughly 9.8 million jobs related to Salesforce are projected for 2026. This means that the options for hiring a Salesforce development company are many, and the cost can vary greatly. Probably the most favorable aspect of hiring a nearshore Salesforce development company is its cost-effectiveness. 

A nearshore company can deliver professional Salesforce solutions at a more affordable rate than US providers.  

A drawback to working with a nearshore company is that, in comparison to an offshore company, the salaries are higher. Yet, there are many other aspects to take into account that may make nearshore the better option.

Similar Time zones

The most significant advantage to working with nearshore companies is in the time zone difference to the US, particularly when compared to that of offshore companies. The overlap of working hours between the US and nearshore companies is typically one to five hours, allowing teams to hold meetings and engage in fruitful interactions. 

The convenience of similar time zones creates the feeling of having an in-house team, even while working remotely.  At Modelit, we take advantage of our online tools to make remote work as smooth as possible, and we are always available for our clients via Slack.

Simplify hiring and retaining talents

A current concern regarding hiring onshore is the sky-high demand for salesforce skills inside the US, leading to challenges with landing and keeping new talent. Looking offshore may not be the answer though, as the vast number of available Salesforce specialists might make for a team of constantly changing resources assigned to your project. Still, hiring and training an in-house team means that you have to scale up your office space, make provisions for salary and benefits, and allow time for new members to sync with the company culture before they can start delivering results.

The recruitment process is time consuming, it requires lots of effort, and it’s an extra cost that isn’t always taken into account. This first step is fundamental to the future success of the project. Hiring a nearshore Salesforce company guarantees the recruitment process—along with the proper onboarding and mentoring processes—giving consistency to the integration of new members. 

Reduce talent churn rate

In such a competitive market, it can be difficult to retain talent. Working with a nearshore company certainly guarantees a bigger talent pool, but it also increases the likelihood of establishing long-term relationships. 

Company culture is very important to us at Modelit—seeking to power not only our clients, but also our employees. We want them to enjoy the experience of working within our company. 

Some of our members have been working on the same project for several years, becoming an extension of the clients' teams. 

The Nearshore Advantage 

It’s clear that working with a nearshore outsourcing company promises quality service at a more affordable rate, with a bigger talent pool and increased potential for creating long-term partnerships. The advantages to nearshore companies make it a far more attractive work model than the others.

As for Modelit, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with several clients located in the US. We’re proud to offer comfort to our clients in the form of lasting, committed partnerships with retained team members. This, along with our certified experts and cost-effectiveness, allows us to deliver unique solutions to our clients’ problems with accuracy, efficiency, and attention to detail. 

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