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The True Value of Attending Dreamforce

“I have enjoyed increasing my potential customers, and I hope to reach more of them.”


In the constantly expanding Salesforce ecosystem, staying ahead requires more than just keeping up with trends – it demands immersion in the very heart of innovation.

One such unparalleled experience is Dreamforce.

As Salesforce’s largest annual event, Dreamforce unites industry leaders, professionals, and experts from across the globe. With its rich blend of cutting-edge technology, inspiring keynote speakers, and networking opportunities, Dreamforce offers an exceptional platform that transcends the traditional conference — delivering unparalleled value to its attendees.

An Immersive Technological Journey

Dreamforce is more than just a conference; it's an immersive technological journey that showcases the latest advancements in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, CRM, and much more. At the heart of the event lies the Salesforce ecosystem, which continues to shape the way businesses engage with their customers, employees, partners, and products.

The event is a gateway to exploring Salesforce's robust suite of tools and services, providing attendees with hands-on experience through:

  • Interactive demos
  • Workshops
  • Breakout sessions

From mastering the latest updates to Salesforce's CRM platform to learning about innovative use cases of AI-driven analytics, Dreamforce empowers participants with the skills needed to drive their businesses forward.

Insights from Thought Leaders

One of the most captivating aspects of Dreamforce is the lineup of keynote speakers and thought leaders who take the stage to share their insights, experiences, and visions for the future. These visionary talks offer a unique opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge and inspiration from individuals who have pioneered groundbreaking transformations in their respective fields.

Past Dreamforce events have featured prominent figures such as Salesforce's co-founder and CEO Marc Benioff, former U.S. President Barack Obama, and renowned entrepreneur and author Richard Branson.

At Dreamforce 2023, attendees can expect to hear from such powerful voices as:

  • Matthew McConaughey - Academy Award-Winning Actor, NY Times Bestselling Author & Salesforce Brand Partner
  • Sam Altman - CEO of OpenAI
  • Ayanna Howard, PhD. - Accomplished Roboticist, Entrepreneur & Educator
  • Dr. Jane Goodall - Founder, the Jane Goodall Institute; U.N. Messenger of Peace
  • Spike Lee - Oscar Award-Winning Director, Producer, Writer, Professor
  • Viola Davis - Award-Winning Actress, Producer & New York Times Bestselling Author

These perspectives not only provide attendees with a glimpse into the future of technology and business but also offer a chance to reflect on the broader societal impacts of these innovations.

Networking and Collaboration

In the age of interconnectedness, networking has never been more critical.

Dreamforce provides an unparalleled setting for attendees to connect with peers, industry experts, partners, and potential clients. The event's sprawling campus encourages chance encounters — allowing participants to:

  • Exchange ideas
  • Share experiences
  • Forge valuable relationships

Whether through formal networking events, industry-specific meetups, or casual discussions in the expo hall, Dreamforce fosters an environment of collaboration that often leads to innovative ventures.

The relationships built at Dreamforce extend beyond the event itself, opening doors to lasting opportunities in the evolving landscape of business.

Diversity and Inclusion

As technology continues to shape our world, discussions around diversity and inclusion have become increasingly crucial.

Dreamforce actively addresses these topics, offering sessions and events dedicated to exploring the intersection of technology, equality, and social impact. At Dreamforce 2023, attendees will find these themes in sessions such as:

The Dreamforce event champions diversity by bringing together a wide range of perspectives, voices, and experiences. From sessions highlighting the importance of gender diversity in tech to conversations about creating accessible products, Dreamforce is a platform that promotes a dialogue for positive change.

The Unforgettable Experience

Dreamforce isn't just about acquiring knowledge; it's about embracing an experience that's equal parts educational and inspirational.

The event's electric atmosphere, fueled by the passion and energy of attendees, creates a learning environment that transcends the conventional conference setting.

Beyond the keynotes and sessions, Dreamforce is known for its:

  • Live music performances
  • Interactive exhibits
  • Surprise guest appearances

All of these are the things that keep participants engaged and excited throughout the event. This unique blend of business and entertainment contributes to the creation of memories that last long after the event concludes.

Final Thoughts

In the constantly changing landscape of business and technology, attending Salesforce's Dreamforce isn't merely an option – it's a strategic decision.

The value derived from this immersive experience extends far beyond learning about the latest features of a CRM platform; it encompasses insights from visionaries, networking opportunities, exposure to cutting-edge technology, and a sense of being part of a global community of innovators.

Dreamforce is where ideas converge, collaborations flourish, and the future of business takes shape. For those hoping to remain at the forefront of innovation, attending Dreamforce isn't just an event; it's a transformative journey.

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