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Salesforce Winter ‘24 Release: Modelit’s Top 5 Highlights

“I have enjoyed increasing my potential customers, and I hope to reach more of them.”


As the seasons change, so does Salesforce with its Winter '24 Release.

This latest update brings an abundance of enhancements and features to help businesses carry out their operations with ease and maximize their Salesforce experience.

We’re excited to present our top 5 highlights from the Salesforce Winter '24 Release Notes — just to give a glimpse inside the many thrilling updates to come to the Salesforce CRM platform.

Let's dive in!

Forecasts Get a Facelift

Salesforce has been continuously improving its forecasting capabilities, and Winter '24 is no exception.

The Forecast Page has undergone a significant makeover to make data viewing and comprehension even more straightforward. Here are some key changes:

  • Updated Labeling: Salesforce now provides clear labels to explain what you're viewing, reducing any confusion.
  • Highlighting: The current period is highlighted in the summary view, making it easy to identify the current forecast period.
  • Updated Icons: The icons have been revamped for a more modern and intuitive look.
  • Clickable Fields: Fields that are clickable are now highlighted when you hover over them, enhancing the user experience.

Perhaps the most exciting addition is the introduction of Manager Judgements. This feature allows managers to exclude opportunities from the forecast based on their insights.

Enhanced Visibility with Permission Sets

Admins who have spent countless hours deciphering permission sets will rejoice at this new feature in the winter release. Salesforce now offers an easier way to view all enabled objects, users, and field permissions within a Permission Set on a single page.

This change significantly improves visibility and eliminates the need for admins to piece together information from multiple sources. It even provides insights into which permission set groups a specific Permission Set is included in, simplifying permission management.

Dynamic Forms for Standard Objects and Mobile

Dynamic Forms, a feature that Salesforce users have come to love, is now available for a broader range of standard objects, including those that support Lightning Web Components (LWC). Admins and developers can now leverage Dynamic Forms on most LWC-enabled standard objects, revolutionizing the way fields are laid out on record pages.

This feature is also now accessible on the mobile Salesforce app, providing flexibility for users on the go. With Dynamic Forms, individual fields can be shown or hidden, and fields can be placed anywhere on a Lightning page layout. This functionality eliminates the need for record types in certain scenarios, simplifying the user experience and reducing complexity.

Expanding Email Productivity Across Editions

Salesforce makes Sales Cloud even more valuable by including features and functionality that were previously add-on licenses. These features, now available in Enterprise and Professional editions with the Sales Cloud, include essential email productivity tools — such as send later, email tracking, text shortcuts, and email engagement.

This extra accessibility empowers sales teams to work more efficiently, ensuring that tasks like scheduling emails, tracking interactions, and streamlining communication are available to a broader user base.

Improved File Sharing Security

Salesforce's Winter '24 release introduces an important security feature. In Lightning Experience, when creating a public link to share a file, users can now set an expiration date for the link — adding a layer of security and compliance.

By default, links expire after 30 days, but this duration is customizable. Moreover, password protection is an option, ensuring that only authorized users can access the file. When enabled, an auto-generated password is provided, enhancing file security. It's worth noting that public links to folders don't offer these security options, providing a balance between convenience and data security.

Looking for professional Salesforce guidance?

As you explore the exciting enhancements in the Salesforce Winter '24 release, remember that Modelit is here to help you make the most of these powerful features.

Our team of certified Salesforce professionals is ready to assist your organization in implementing, optimizing, and customizing these new tools to suit your unique needs. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your Salesforce experience – partner with Modelit today for a brighter tomorrow.

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