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Salesforce Spring ‘23 release: Modelit’s Highlights

In case you missed it, we've got another Salesforce release complete with exciting new features and platform updates to explore. The Salesforce Spring ‘23 release dates have come to an end, and we at Modelit have set aside a few highlights to share.

Let’s get into it.

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What’s new for Admins?

Create Personalized Report Filters

  • In Lightning Experience, it is now possible for users to create their own personalized view of a dynamic report filter. The Opportunity Owner filter applied to the opportunity report makes it so that the results shown are specific to the viewer in that moment. This way, the viewer sees only the information most relevant to them.

Dynamic Forms for Leads and Cases

  • This new feature in the Lightning App Builder wasn’t expected to become available until later in the year, but we think you’ll be pleased to see it released early. Now, case and lead record pages can also be configured with Dynamic Forms — as was previously possible with account, person account, contact, and opportunity record pages.

Import Contacts and Leads with a Guided Experience

  • This new feature offers sales reps more options when it comes to how they import data. Those with permissions for contacts or leads can use this new import option within Sales Cloud. From Salesforce Setup, they can turn on Basic Data Import and access the guided wizard to take them through the process of important a CSV file.

How about Developers?

Restrict Anonymous Apex Access to Core Users

  • Through this new option, admins will be able to limit anonymous Apex execution to only core users. This means that noncore users, with or without other user permissions in place, won’t be capable of executing anonymous Apex. This feature can be enabled by searching “Apex Settings” in Setup, then going on to select “Restrict non-core users…” Otherwise, more information can be found in the Metadata API Developer Guide.

Run Screen Flows from Slack (Beta)

  • It’s now possible to use the Apex SDK for Slack (Beta) to run screen flows without input parameters using shortcuts or a button in Slack. Build an app to give users global shortcuts, message shortcuts, or slash commands that invoke flows from Slack. Custom views means that you can continue to customize what users see. Note, it is not possible to invoke a flow in Slack using an event.

Escape the Label Attribute of Elements to Prevent Cross-Sit Scripting in Visualforce Pages

  • This update was originally available in Winter ‘23, and will now be imposed for Spring ‘23. It prevents malicious code from carrying out cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks on Visualforce pages. It escapes the label attribute of all ≤apex:inputField> elements both existing and created after the update.

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