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Mastering Staff Augmentation: How Modelit Confronts Communication Challenges

Staff augmentation is a common practice used by organizations to acquire talent and expertise for their projects. It involves hiring external resources to work alongside existing staff temporarily.

While this can bring several benefits to an organization, it also comes with its fair share of communication challenges. Effective communication is crucial for successful staff augmentation. Without it, the project can suffer from delays, quality issues, and misunderstandings.

In this article, we will explore the challenges with communication in staff augmentation, our strategies for navigating these challenges, and recommended best practices for success.

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Challenges to Consider

Perhaps the main challenge with communication in staff augmentation is the lack of clearly defined expectations between the parties involved. Without a clear understanding of the project goals and requirements, the augmented staff may not be able to deliver the desired results, leading to dissatisfaction from the hiring company.

Cultural and language barriers further add to the complexity of communication. When the augmented staff come from a different cultural background with its own communication norms and styles, it may make it difficult to convey messages and ideas effectively.

Moreover, a lack of collaborative tools and resources can also impact communication. The hiring company and augmented staff might be working from different locations, and without functional communication channels, it can be challenging to exchange information and stay on the same page. Similarly, the absence of shared resources and tools can also lead to delays and miscommunication.

How Modelit Handles It

At Modelit, we prioritize excellent communication in staff augmentation and have developed our own strategies for combatting potential challenges:

  1. We define clear communication channels between the hiring company and the augmented staff, providing a platform for open communication. We set up regular virtual meetings, consistent email correspondence, and Slack channels for instant messaging.
  2. We encourage the parties to communicate frequently, ask questions, and seek clarification when needed. We emphasize the importance of constructive feedback and work to minimize any misunderstandings due to cultural or language differences
  3. We set clear expectations for the augmented staff, outlining their roles, responsibilities, and deliverables. They receive regular feedback on their performance, highlighting areas of strength and improvement to ensure alignment with the project goals.
  4. We provide training and proper resources to ensure that the augmented staff can perform their tasks effectively. This includes access to relevant tools and information, along with any additional support and guidance as needed.

Since 2016, Modelit has provided staff augmentation services to Fair Trade USA.  Over the years, we have successfully been able to scale their team from 1 original resource to now 12 experienced resources. Our easy onboarding process has helped integrate new members into the team, several of which have maintained a strong working relationship with the company to date.

**Modelit has provided an ability to scale and adapt quickly, as the technology roadmap needed to meet our needs has evolved to reflect our internal vision as an organization.

Matt Pope**Director of Engineering, Fair Trade USA

The strong foundation and steady communication that we have established with the client has allowed for outcomes that properly align with company values.

Our Best Practices

To promote effective communication in staff augmentation, we recommend the following best practices:

  • Use simple and clear language to ensure that all parties understand the messages and ideas being conveyed. It is best to avoid technical jargon and industry-specific terminology that may be unfamiliar or confusing. Instead, focus on using language that is easily understandable to ensure all parties are in sync.
  • Practice active listening, which involves paying attention to what others are saying, asking questions, and seeking clarification. We encourage this with both the hiring company and augmented staff, as it helps to build trust and reduce misunderstandings.
  • Leverage the tools and resources available to enhance communication, such as video conferencing, instant messaging, and project management software. It’s important to identify the most appropriate communication tools for the project, based on the needs of both parties involved.  It can also be beneficial to provide training and support on how to use these tools effectively.
  • Provide regular feedback and performance evaluations to keep everyone on track and ensure that the project is progressing as planned. Clear performance metrics and evaluation criteria should be established and communicated to the augmented staff from the start. From there, regular performance feedback should be offered to guarantee that expectations are being met.

Keep in Mind

Exceptional communication is critical in the success of staff augmentation.

By recognizing the challenges to be faced and choosing a staff augmentation service that is eager to fully understand your company’s needs, you can smoothly navigate the challenges and ensure that your project is successful.

At Modelit Bolt, we prioritize effective communication and recommend that organizations do the same when choosing their staff augmentation provider.

Choose our team for your next project, and experience the ease of working with qualified professionals that listen to your needs and follow proven communication practices for optimal project outcomes.

The Modelit Team

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