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Introducing a hybrid work model

COVID-19 has changed everyone's lives and the way people perceive their jobs. At Modelit, we weren't an exception to this phenomenon—we had to change our way of doing things to continue providing a great team culture and customer service.

“I have enjoyed increasing my potential customers, and I hope to reach more of them.”


As in every learning process, we questioned ourselves—What was the best way to communicate with the team? How could we continue with the team-oriented approach we’re proud of?  It wasn’t easy at the beginning—but we were all committed to succeed. We readapted and rethought the processes we needed to improve in order to make our team's work better. 

Today, we’re happy with the results and how we were able to continue communicating with our team and being closer with them despite the distance. But now, we have another challenge, and it is to recover something we have lost all these previous months—social interactions at the office. 

We want everyone at Modelit to live our values and not just look at them on a wall. The goal of our Employee Experience program is to make each member of our team feel that they are listened to and rewarded for their job. We developed processes to ensure that the communication between our team members was a pleasant one.

One of the pillars of our culture is being team-oriented. We are convinced that what makes us different from other companies are our team members. For that reason it is important for us to have moments to share with our team, to play games, talk about music or movies and to have fun all together and not through a screen. 

Our team's health was always at the top of our priorities. We can say now that with a better situation in our country, and an office that guarantees everyone's safety, we are in condition to get back to the office. But things are not the same, and the pandemic is still with us. We decided to get back to the coffee talk in the kitchen, and the spontaneous discussions at the office, but we’re not saying goodbye to working in slippers and our pets companions. We believe that today what works better for Modelit is a hybrid work model. Our collaborators can experience both of two worlds during the week. 

We know that our company's success depends on the knowledge, well-being, and growth of each member of our team. We are continuously working on creating initiatives that allow our collaborators to live our culture.

We’re looking forward to this new phase for Modelit—with a new modern office located in a central point of the city, with more spaces to enjoy and work, more benefits, and fun activities, where our collaborators can grow and thrive.

Gabriela Rodriguez

Gabriela works as a Marketing and Communications specialist at Modelit. She creates the content for our brand!

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