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I have Salesforce Data Cloud. Now what?

“I have enjoyed increasing my potential customers, and I hope to reach more of them.”


So, you attended this year’s Dreamforce conference where you heard all the hype surrounding Salesforce Data Cloud, right? Your excitement about the endless possibilities of this emerging tool got the best of you, and you immediately got yourself a Data Cloud license. Now, you’re stumped.

What comes next?

You already know that data is an important driving force behind informed decision-making and customer-centric strategies when it comes to Salesforce.

Salesforce Data Cloud has opened up a wealth of opportunities for organizations eager to enhance their data’s potential. With its vast capabilities and features, this tool offers enhanced customer experiences and business growth to those that know how to use it to their advantage.

In this article, we'll explore the possibilities of Salesforce Data Cloud and leave you with a better understanding of just how you can strategize to leverage the capabilities of this tool and meet your top business goals.

Understanding Data Cloud

In order to take full advantage of Data Cloud and its features, it's crucial to comprehend its fundamental concepts and potential uses.

The Reality

Let's take a closer look at what Data Cloud offers:

  1. Data Aggregation: Data Cloud excels at merging diverse data points from various sources, encompassing both demographic and behavioral data. This could include information from mobile app engagement, e-commerce transactions, customer support cases, and more.
  2. Segment Generation: Instead of merging records, Data Cloud generates segments that can be activated across different Salesforce products, serving as the driving force behind your campaigns and operations.
  3. Data Storage: Data Cloud is designed for storing vast amounts of data from multiple Salesforce sources. Additionally, it can work with external data sources for a unified view of your data.

Reaching Success with the Right Strategy

A strategic approach is imperative to fully make the most of Data Cloud.

This approach involves aligning with your enterprise data strategy, which can substantially impact revenue and profitability. It begins with a thorough evaluation of your current CRM, data, and technological capabilities and determining the most efficient path forward.

Customizing your data and CRM architecture to your organization's specific needs while minimizing disruptions is key to success.

Identify Your End Goals

In order to properly plan your strategic approach to leveraging Data Cloud, you first have to define your desired outcome from its implementation.

You might consider the following possibilities:

  • Sales Prospection & Lead Generation: Through Salesforce Data Cloud, you can monitor internet activity to identify patterns which will help your business in both the prediction and prevention of certain outcomes. You might see a customer starting to turn with enough time to act and ultimately retain said customer. Furthermore, the customer segmentation capabilities of Data Cloud can be of great use when it comes to devising efficient outreach strategies.
  • Account Based Marketing: With this tool, you can make use of important insights to target key accounts and ultimately boost your bottom line. Access to unique customer data helps you in the personalization of your marketing campaigns to best speak to the needs of the individual customer.
  • Compliance & Data Governance: Salesforce Data Cloud keeps your data protected in line with data governance policies and regulations. Both your business and your donors can rest assured that all data will be handled responsibly.

Gather Expertise

Once you have a clear idea of what exactly you want to accomplish with Data Cloud, it’s important that you obtain the expertise required to properly use the tool.

You have two main options here:

  • Get Certified: You might decide to explore Salesforce’s Trailhead learning platform to get educated on the ins and outs of Data Cloud. By going this route, members of your team can become certified Salesforce experts gaining a deeper understanding of the new tool and its features.
  • Hire an Official Partner: On the other hand, you might want to seek expertise externally. Hiring a Salesforce Partner company can highly beneficial — ensuring that your use of Data Cloud maximizes its potential and that your data is handled with care.
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Discover the Potential

Salesforce Data Cloud represents much more than a simple upgrade from Salesforce CDP.

It stands as a comprehensive data platform that helps you to gain an all-encompassing 360-degree view of your customer base — enabling highly personalized engagement at scale. One impactful way to harness Data Cloud's potential is by integrating it with business intelligence tools like Tableau.

Tableau integration seamlessly melds your Salesforce data with your existing business intelligence systems and dashboards, providing your teams with swift, visualized insights into customer and business data. This equips your organization to make data-informed decisions that can significantly enhance overall business performance.

Keep in mind…

Salesforce Data Cloud is a vital asset for businesses.

It facilitates informed decisions and customer-focused strategies within the Salesforce ecosystem. As we've explored its capabilities, it's evident that this tool fuels enhanced customer experiences and business growth.

Understanding Data Cloud is about more than its basics; it's about understanding its potential. Data aggregation, segment generation, and streamlined data storage set the stage. This platform offers a complete view of your customer base, allowing highly personalized engagement at scale.

Considering a data insights solution? Data Cloud offers a single source of truth, real-time customer insights, and hyper-personalized customer experiences.

With Salesforce Data Cloud — the right strategy and a clear grasp of its capabilities — you can fuel growth, profitability, and remarkable customer experiences.

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