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Dreamforce 2023: Modelit’s top takeaways

Salesforce Takeaways Dreamforce 2023 conference

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To stay ahead when it comes to technology and innovation, it is imperative to keep up with current trends and industry updates. Modelit’s recent participation in the Salesforce Dreamforce conference has been a pivotal moment in our journey towards excellence — and we're thrilled to share our invaluable insights with you!

As an organization deeply committed to leveraging cutting-edge technology and customer-centric strategies, we went into Dreamforce 2023 in search of inspiration and we found a treasure trove of knowledge.

In this article, we're excited to provide you with a firsthand account of the key takeaways and transformative ideas that Dreamforce had to offer this year. Let’s dive right into the highlights from Salesforce’s biggest event of the year.

Emergence of Einstein

Salesforce's first major announcement emphasized the importance of trust in AI.

Salesforce CEO and founder, Marc Benioff, highlighted the Einstein AI Platform as a low-code solution ensuring secure data connectivity during AI application development. He emphasized that the AI revolution hinges on trust and assured that customer data is not treated as a product.

The Einstein 1 platform seamlessly integrates with various platforms like Slack, Tableau, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Mulesoft, Heroku, and Canvas. It utilizes the Salesforce Data Cloud to address data fragmentation issues by using a metadata framework to unify data, irrespective of its source or structure, such as customer data or telemetry.

Benioff stressed the need for trust in this AI ecosystem, emphasizing the importance of democratization and the integration of trust within the platform. He also highlighted the significance of metadata understanding and the continued existence of sharing models in this context.

Introducing Einstein Copilot Studio

Einstein Copilot, Salesforce's generative AI conversational assistant, will rely on the Salesforce Data Cloud to engage in natural language conversations and provide reliable responses.

Key Features:

  • Integration with generative AI enables a wide range of workplace tasks, such as automatic clause drafting, updating account information, generating client emails, catalog management, creating digital storefronts, and crafting product descriptions.
  • Einstein Copilot Studio empowers users to customize their Copilot implementations for real-time messaging.
  • The toolkit includes essential components like a prompt builder, skills builder, and model builder, facilitating the development of AI-based sales applications.
  • Einstein Copilot and Copilot Studio support seamless customer interactions across various channels, including websites, messaging apps like WhatsApp, productivity apps like Slack, and more.

AI-Inspired Insights

Sam Altman, co-founder of OpenAI and the creator of ChatGPT, has become a prominent advocate for AI regulations — a notable departure from the stance taken by many technology companies, especially social media giants.

During his appearance at Dreamforce 2023, Altman presented a compelling vision of what the future holds for generative AI tools and large language models like GPT-4. He highlighted the potential for these technologies to accelerate scientific innovation at an unprecedented pace, leading to advancements that can reshape humanity positively.

However, Altman also stressed the importance of ensuring that the increasing intelligence and adaptability of these models should not come at the cost of user privacy.

Our Favorite Highlight

Modelit’s favorite development at Dreamforce had to be Salesforce's latest gift to Trailblazers worldwide: complimentary licenses for Data Cloud and Tableau.

This generous offering extends to all customers wielding Sales and Service Cloud, Enterprise, or Unlimited licenses.

This bundle encompasses two coveted Tableau creator licenses and Data Cloud licenses capable of accommodating up to 10,000 profiles. Prior to this announcement, Data Cloud remained an enigmatic realm for many Salesforce professionals. That is, it has only been accessible to those directly involved in its implementation or a similar Customer Data Platform (CDP) project.

This initiative effectively shatters entry barriers — providing an open door for companies eager to unlock the potential of Data Cloud and empowering Salesforce experts seeking to broaden their skillsets.

Modelit in the Dreamforce Mix

As for our own presence at Dreamforce 2023, we had an absolute blast!

Check out some of our favorite moments from this year’s AI-filled event — with Modelit team members Angelica Buffa, Diego Febles, Danny Teng, and Gabriela Rodriguez.

Diego Febles, Angelica Buffa and Danny Teng at Dreamforce.

At this year’s Dreamforce, Modelit was proud to take part in three different sessions. Our very own CTO and Salesforce MVP, Angelica Buffa, led talks on the topics of AI (with assistance from Modelit COO, Diego Febles), data quality, and Salesforce architecture.

Angelica Buffa presenting at Dreamforce.

Angelica Buffa and Diego Febles presenting at Dreamforce.

Charting the Course

Overall, the Salesforce Dreamforce conference was a remarkable journey for Modelit — filled with enlightening experiences, valuable insights, and countless opportunities for growth.

As we reflect on our time at this amazing event, we're reminded of the incredible power of innovation, collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence.

From the latest tech trends to AI-inspired strategies and the importance of data-driven decisions, we’ve captured the essence of Dreamforce and hope to use that to shape our future endeavors. Modelit is committed to actively implementing these insights to drive success within our organization and for our valued clients.

As we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in the tech world, we hope you'll join us on this exciting adventure. Together, we'll unlock new levels of innovation and achieve unparalleled success.

Stay inspired, stay connected, and together, let's reach new heights of excellence!

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