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A Look Back: Modelit’s Angelica Buffa at #TDX24

“I have enjoyed increasing my potential customers, and I hope to reach more of them.”


Our leadership is making Salesforce headlines once again!

This year's TrailblazerDX event saw our very own CTO and Salesforce MVP, Angelica Buffa, take the Salesforce main stage with a wealth of expertise to share.  With her string of accolades as a Salesforce MVP and her history of captivating audiences at major events, it’s no surprise that her presence at TrailblazerDX was well received.

We’re here to give you an inside look at the highlights of her appearance. Here’s what Angelica had to share with trailblazers this year:

Let's dive into the highlights of her appearance and why they're such a big deal.

Hands-On Learning in Well-Architected Workshops

Angelica backed her words with actions in her Well-Architected Workshops for Salesforce Architects.

These sessions invited participants to get engaged with exercises that challenged them to apply the concepts of frameworks she introduced to them to dive deeper into their understanding of creating secure systems. Attendees enjoyed a collaborative environment, bouncing ideas off each other and Angelica providing expert guidance along the way.

Angelica Launches "Data Matters" Community

The introduction to the Data Matters virtual trailblazer community generated a significant buzz amongst data enthusiasts.

Alongside Mehmet Orun of PeerNova Inc., Angelica announced the launch of this exciting hub for those with a great interest in data to mingle, swap stories, and soak up knowledge. The pair laid out the community's vision, aiming to create a safe space for folks to share their data adventures and learn from one another. The launch event wasn't just a ribbon-cutting; it served also as a networking event where trailblazers we’re encouraged to actively participate and contribute to the community’s growth.

Data Cloud Demystified: Angelica's Beginner's Guide

Ever wondered what the deal is with Salesforce Data Cloud?

In this session, Angelica served up an overview of what Data Cloud is, a how it works, and the problems that it addresses. She broke down the ins and outs of this new platform, sharing real-world use cases and explaining why it's a game-changer for trailblazers everywhere. But she didn't stop there—she invited attendees to dive headfirst into the world of Data Cloud and start exploring its many capabilities.

An Impact that Ripples Far and Wide

Angelica's presence at TrailblazerDX, as with the many other Salesforce events at which she has shared presentations, wasn’t just about giving a few talks and calling it a day.

It was about inspiring the Salesforce community by sharing her rich knowledge of the platform. Angelica isn't just educating; she's empowering others to take major strides on their Salesforce journey. Her passion for all things Salesforce is contagious, inspiring trailblazers to join the movement and make their mark on the world.

With Angelica leading the charge, the future of the Salesforce community looks brighter than ever before.

The Modelit Team

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