Core Services – at a Glance

In a nutshell we improve systems or create new systems from the ground up, most often customizing the proven, secure, packaged enterprise platforms and Amazon Web Services, scaling to the specific needs of our clients. Data within your new system becomes centralized, easy to access, and is controllable and adaptable. If you are creating a new product we will help you translate your idea into a completed application, from concept to design to execution for business-to-business or business-to-customer sectors.

  • Web Development

    The cloud offers incredible business development opportunities. Use it to create and market new web and mobile-ready applications.


    Our team are the alumni of the world’s most recognized cloud based computing company,

  • Systems Integration

    We have the ability to integrate external systems or applications with cloud platforms, thereby adding value to the business’s overall system.

Technologies We Use

The way we work

We match our project-specific team with the needs of our clients. With each project, we assemble and train a group of developers that know the technology necessary to complete that specific project, and then we execute and manage that project every step of the way.

Our processes are built by applying organic and integrated tools. We sometimes integrate two or more cloud platforms, such as with and Amazon Web Services, taking advantage of select tools in both systems. Likewise, we have the ability to merge external systems or applications with, thereby adding value to the business’s overall system.

We communicate frequently with our clients, and conduct regular virtual meetings, giving you the ability to view the work in progress. We share our computer screens to show clients weekly views, prototypes and demos, giving them the ability to test features before finalizing—and in the case of products, before introduction into the market. Modelit follows best practices when we create a system or application. Our coding goes through a process of quality assurance reviews. All products are thoroughly tested and documented.

    • Product analysis, resources, and timeline planning

      You may have a general or a clear idea of what you want your app to do. It’s our job to translate that idea into specific requirements for the design, deciding what specifically the app should do and how it should function. We then evaluate and assemble all the resources necessary to complete it, and share with you a timeline of activities and milestones to keep us on track, show you what is happening when, and keep you informed on the target completion and deployment date.

    • System infrastructure design and appropriate technologies

      Having a well-designed infrastructure requires optimizing the internal physical design of the application, much like a blueprint serves an architect. We design your app using reliable and predictable processes and tools that are the best match for your product goals…for quality, scalability, and end-user attractiveness. Finally, we handle the set-up and launch, getting you exposure through the top app marketplaces.

    • Back-end and front-end

      We pay equal attention to the front-end and back-end of your app, making sure they work together. We can design an array of features, APIs and other integrated services to create well-functioning, interactive, and helpful product for your audience. You will have a user-friendly interface because our back-end work on the programming, the database, and server connections will make that positive user experience possible.

    • Thorough testing and documentation

      Your app goes through careful testing—an important development phase— to catch any defects, inconsistencies or redundancies. Documenting the internal and external design throughout the development process is another important task we use to perform accurate and efficient future maintenance and enhancements.

  • Mobile Development

    • Selecting the appropriate technologies
    • Using reliable and predictable tools
    • Dynamic, interactive and useful apps
    • Affordable solutions
  • Amazon Web Services

    • Infrastructure headaches removed
    • Your applications and data protected
    • Flexible and low cost IT resources
    • On-demand delivery of IT resources
  • Quality Assurance

    • Documenting the internal and external design
    • Products suitable for the intended purpose
    • Preventing mistakes or defects
    • Ensuring the quality of our service