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  • The technical strength and integrity of Modelit really has no comparison. We highly recommend them to anyone.

    Author's imageMatthew PopeTechnical Lead at Fair Trade USA
  • We definitely recommend Modelit to any company that is looking to go further faster with their technology goals.

    Author's imageMatthew SoutherSenior Manager at Build It Green
  • InnoCare began working with Modelit in November 2014, it is an understatement to say that during our work with them our company has grown in expertise and confidence. The team at Modelit have been a trusted, accommodating and highly experienced partner for InnoCare as we have transitioned our technology and team through some difficult projects.

    Author's imageBen BurbridgeDirector of Technology at InnoCare
  • I have worked with numerous development teams in the past and have had many varied experiences from ok to really challenging. Modelit was truly a breath of fresh air. Until this team, I had never experienced what it was like to be surprised on the upside. They are by far the most professional, technically competent and deadline and budget conscious group I have yet to encounter. I can not recommend them enough.

    Author's imageGreg NorrellDirector at MoreHands
  • I have had the pleasure of working with the Modelit team for the past 5 years and have nothing but positive feedback to say about my experience. Their development methods are solid, testing superb and communication very efficient. To top it off, everyone one on their team are highly skilled individuals and also enjoyable to work with!

    Author's imageCecilia MescallSalesforce Consultant at Balanced Rock Solutions

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