How Build It Green uses Experience Cloud to manage its GreenPoint Rated program.

Who they are

Build It Green

In 2012, Modelit took on Build It Green, an organization that provides energy efficiency solutions with the goal to help communities reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2025. Through its GreenPoint Rated program, Build It Green certifies both single and multi-family homes as being up-to-standard for a sustainable and healthy environment. Homes are rated according to five categories: energy efficiency, health and air quality, water conservation, resource conservation, and community. With help from Modelit, Build It Green sought to enhance its home rating program management by maximizing its Salesforce implementation.

California, USA
The challenge

The GreenPoint Rated program follows a strict set of steps in order to certify sustainable homes.  The process begins with the hiring of a certified Rater, who then goes on to evaluate either a new  construction or an existing home according to a carefully curated checklist. This first application  is then submitted to the project design team at Build It Green. The team ensures that all  GreenPoint Rated measures are accounted for before a final application with complete  documentation is submitted for certification approval.

Previously, Build It Green had been working with a legacy technology in order to manage its applications and fulfill GreenPoint Rated processes. However, the integration of this system with its Salesforce instance proved to be an issue as it required manual reconciliation between the two systems which created a major inconvenience. On top of this, working with the legacy technology provided the extra challenge that if any bugs, errors, or updates required correcting, a specialist had to be brought on who understood the legacy system technology.

Our client was in need of a custom solution capable of automatic updates and proper  management of the company’s key application information, streamlined and accessible all in one  place.

The solution

The GreenPoint Rated program was in need of more efficient reporting and tracking. So, the  Modelit team began by retiring the legacy system in place. We then built a custom portal in  Salesforce Experience Cloud, through which Raters and applicants could both be approved and  go on to complete their tasks, all within the same system. This way, Raters can view and make  adjustments to the applications that they’ve prepared on behalf of their clients.

With the custom portal, all application information is stored in the same place — eliminating  previous complications with data integration. The input and management of any new resources,  documents, or links is simplified for all parties involved. The smooth navigation and pleasant  user experience of the Salesforce platform means that no special coding knowledge or technical  expertise is necessary on behalf of the client.

How we helped
At the end of this process,
Build It Green

The implementation of this new portal has enhanced the overall GreenPoint Rated program  experience. It saves our client time and effort as the system is capable of automatic updates, and  our certified experts are equipped to tackle any problems that may arise.

Furthermore, our portal gives the team at Build It Green an opportunity to visualize their user  experience in a way that wasn’t possible before. Now, with the ability to see their program from  the user’s perspective, they can take GreenPoint Rated to the next level by focusing on the finer  details while we take care of the mechanics.

Today, Build It Green continues to place their trust in Modelit when it comes to maximizing their  Salesforce implementation.

We’ve worked with Modelit for years — They were really able to resolve our pain points and meet our needs.
Kurt Kniel
Senior Manager of Operations


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