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Salesforce Winter ‘23 release: Modelit’s Top 10 Takeaways

Once again, we’ve got a new Salesforce release date to look forward to – promising plenty of new features and exciting changes to the current system. The Salesforce Winter ‘23 release notes are now available, and we at Modelit have taken a moment to look through them.

“I have enjoyed increasing my potential customers, and I hope to reach more of them.”


Here are our top 10 takeaways… 

  1. Create Custom Address Fields (Generally Available)
    We’ve been waiting on this one for quite some time! The feature was originally released in Beta for Summer ‘22, and it will be generally available for Winter ‘23. Now, you’ll be able to create custom address fields similar to those of standard address fields. For example, you can generate different address information (street, zip code, state, etc) all in one custom field set. You’ll find this new feature in all editions of Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

  2. Cut and Paste Flow Elements
    With this new function, you’ll be able to use Cut + Paste in place of Copy + Paste in order to rearrange your elements inside Flow. To do so, you can click the element and choose Cut Element, then take your cursor to wherever you’d like to paste the element and click. It’s that simple!

  3. Use Record-Triggered Flows to Update Related Records
    With this new feature, you can update some or all records related to the triggering record. You’ll also be able to select filters so that only specific related records are updated. If no filters are selected, then all of the related records will be updated.

  4. Enhance More Object Record Pages With Dynamic Forms
    Whether it’s with a person account, contact, or opportunity page, you’ll now be able to arrange it via Dynamic Forms.  Just open an account in the Lightning App Builder, click the Fields tab, and you can place fields wherever you like on the page.  Otherwise, you’ll have the option to automate the process as well.

  5. Bulk Manage Picklist Values (Beta)
    This new feature is sure to be a real time-saver! Before, you could only adjust picklist field values one at a time. Now, you’ll be able to activate, deactivate, delete, or replace multiple values at the same time.  This beta feature will apply to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in all editions.

  6. Do More With Dynamic Related List Filters
    Dynamic Related List Filters will also get an upgrade with this new release! Now, you can choose multiple filter values as opposed to just one. For instance, on the contact record page, you can filter a dynamic related list to show all cases with a priority of Medium or High.

  7. Sales Cloud for Slack (Generally Available)
    If your team is working with Slack and Salesforce together, you’ll be interested in this new application. The new Sales Cloud for Slack app permits users to:

    + See, update, and share accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities
    + See and manage their sales pipeline
    + Stay up-to-date about upcoming close dates, unchanged stages, and unchanged next steps for the opportunities they own
    + Streamline important announcements
    + Use Flow Builder to invoke Slack actions like creating new Slack channels when an Opportunity is created over a specific dollar value
    + And more!

  8. Subscribe to Lightning Reports and Dashboards Directly in Slack
    With the new CRM Analytics for Slack app, you can subscribe to up to seven reports or dashboards that you want to keep an eye on.  From there, you can set a schedule for how often you’d like your subscription to update and send a snapshot to you in Slack.  So convenient!

  9. Track and Sort All Your Tasks With the To Do List
    This new tool will be added to the Utility Bar for those using Sales Engagement in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions. Your users can now easily view, sort, and arrange the tasks assigned to them. They can also personalize their tasks by applying labels to them. The tool will be generally available with the Winter ‘23 release.

  10. Clone Lightning Apps (Beta)
    Here’s another big time-saver for you! In the App Manager, you’ll now see the menu option to Clone. This way, you can make a quick new Lightning app from one of your existing custom apps.  Keep in mind that this beta feature will only be available for custom Lightning apps at this time.

Those are all of our favorites from the Winter ‘23 release! We hope you’ve found this post helpful.

Any comments or questions? Please feel free to get in touch via the form below.


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