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A day to learn, connect and have fun.

Last Wednesday was celebrated, another edition of TrailheaDX. This incredible celebration for Trailblazers is one of our favorites events in the Salesforce ecosystem.

It’s the opportunity to learn and share with the community, the best way to expand our Salesforce skills while we’re having fun.

Under the slogan “Trailblazers, it’s time to push the boundaries of your imagination” this event was full of inspiring testimonies, a lot of great stories, and big announcements. Part of Modelit’s team picked up their favorites.

“I have enjoyed increasing my potential customers, and I hope to reach more of them.”



One of the perks of the Salesforce Platform is that allows everyone to click, create, and ship on the world’s #1 low-code platform, regardless of technical skill or background. To power this low-code platform there is a new public cloud infrastructure called Hyperforce, where you can hyper-scales for B2B and B2C companies. Hyperfoce will be generally available next year and we can’t wait for it!!

Flow Orchestrator

With this new tool, you can create orchestrations or multi-step processes. This is an amazing new feature! Each orchestration is an ordered list of screen flows assigned to its user that shares a single Lightning page component. You’ll be able to connect multiple flows into a connected, end-to-end workflow.

Right now this tool is currently in the pilot but we can’t wait to use it!

CLI Unification

Another surprise was the announcement about CLI Unification: a seamless, unified command line for developing and deploying across the Customer 360.

Salesforce Functions

With Salesforce functions, you can create external services that run on-demand and expand on your existing business logic and data. Write your functions using your preferred language and frameworks and deploy them to Salesforce Functions Compute Cloud: a secure and auto-scaling environment. Invoke your functions from your Apex code and let the Salesforce Functions infrastructure handle authentication and scaling.

AWS + Salesforce

We loved this news — Salesforce is expanding its partnership with AWS. This brings new possibilities at the moment to work with this technology.

A Trailblazers Celebration

Apart from all the news in the main event, the whole day was full of incredible panels. There were Watch parties everywhere, and the Trailblazer Community had the opportunity to connect and have fun!

With 35 product demos, 27 content episodes, 25 Expert-Led Rooms, and 5 Broadcast channels, TrailheaDX succeeded in reaching a lot of Trailblazers around the globe and these are the takeaways of the conference.

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