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Our Dreamforce 2021 takeaways

Dreamforce 2021 has come to an end, but we're left with a few big announcements as we wait for the next edition. 

This year was quite different from previous years in that big events would not be held around San Francisco due to the COVID-19 situation. So, only 500 people attended Dreamforce in person. Other attendees streamed the event on Salesforce+, a new platform with plenty of content for everyone. With Salesforce+, people from all over were able to join the 3-day event and all of its engaging sessions.

“I have enjoyed increasing my potential customers, and I hope to reach more of them.”


The “True to the Core” sessions drew our attention with their incredible speakers. One of our favorite moments was the “Developer Keynote,” which offered some exciting news about the future. Of course, no Salesforce event is complete without a music performance; and this year was no exception — the Foo Fighters concert was amazing!  Our team truly enjoyed Dreamforce, even from the comfort of our office. 

As with every Salesforce event, we’ve picked our favorite announcements to share with you.

Salesforce Economy Continues Growing!

According to the IDC white paper, roughly 1.6 trillion in new revenue is anticipated by the year 2026 — an increase which will come with even more jobs! Some 9.3 million new jobs are projected for the Salesforce Ecosystem within the next 5 years, meaning more opportunities for everyone! 

Salesforce to Retire Workflow Rules and Process Builder

We must say that part of our team was surprised by this announcement. There will be a phased retirement of these tools, but everything will have to be migrated over to Flow by 2023. 

During Dreamforce, the process was explained as follows:

  • Spring ‘22 release: Launch migration tool for Workflow Rules
  • Summer ‘22 release: Launch migration tool for Process Builder
  • Winter ‘23 release: Users will no longer be able to create new Workflow Rules or Process Builders

Fortunately, it'll be a gradual process, so we’ll have plenty of time to plan accordingly.

Slack Integrations

Some months back, we heard the news about the Salesforce acquisition of Slack. During Dreamforce, they presented the first Slack integrations and also introduced a toolset for developers called Foyer. Foyer is a Native Slack integration tool for the Salesforce Platform, which empowers teams to build Slack apps using the Salesforce skills they already have. Slack is one of our top tools for communication, so we’re very excited about these new announcements.

Salesforce Functions 

This feature has been created to boost developer productivity by reducing infrastructure responsibilities and letting users work with the programming languages and tools of their choice. Find out more about this upcoming service here.

DevOps Center

This service is a new change and release management solution, helpful for declarative and programmatic developers. Once it becomes Generally Available, it will simplify the deployment activities and improve teams collaboration throughout the development process.

Our team is ready to learn more about the new features and share the knowledge with the community. What was your favorite announcement from Dreamforce 2021?

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