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How to maximize your marketing efforts with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Marketing is an essential part of a business, impacting every aspect of the organization. All of the aspects of a brand are formed through marketing decisions — how a product is made, how a service is provided, the channel of distribution, where you decide to be present as a brand, and so on. For this reason, more businesses now consider marketing as key for the rest of their operations.

“I have enjoyed increasing my potential customers, and I hope to reach more of them.”


With the arrival of digital marketing, we started living in a new marketing paradigm where the purpose of marketing adapts to new needs. Nowadays, we don’t talk about fulfilling the needs of a specific public, but rather about personalizing our marketing efforts and creating unique experiences for our customers. According to the last Salesforce State of the Connected Customer report, “88% of customers say the company's experience is as important as its product or services — up from 80% in 2020.” Only customer-focused brands are those with success stories. Think about the most powerful brands in the world, and you’ll discover that each of them share the same philosophy of being customer focused while also using technology to construct the customer journey.

How to create the perfect customer journey

Personalization has become an important element in marketing campaigns because it makes it possible to communicate with each customer in a unique way. With the increase of data that is available to them, companies can better understand their customers and offer them what they want.

The best way to leverage this information is through personalized content and offers. But how can we achieve this?

In order to personalize our marketing efforts, we need three things:

  1. Data: We must be able to access and analyze all available data about our customers, so that we can send them relevant messaging and offer them products or services that meet their needs;
  2. Technology: We must have the resources and time needed to analyze all this data;
  3. Strategy: We must have an organized plan based on what we discover during the analysis phase, so we can create personalized content for each customer.

The marketing landscape is rapidly changing. Marketing automation tools are becoming more important as data grows exponentially and marketers need tools that can efficiently handle this data. More marketers invest in tools and technologies that unify data, such as CRM and AI tools. They need a digital marketing automation tool that can help them to manage and orchestrate all their marketing activities from one central location. This is crucial nowadays. Not only does it save time, but it also keeps everything in one place and provides unique solutions for all departments — 83% of customers say they're more loyal to companies that provide consistency across departments.

How can Marketing Cloud help you?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps businesses of all sizes to build and execute successful marketing campaigns. Whether you’re just getting started with marketing automation or you want to ensure that your campaigns are optimized for success, Marketing Cloud will help you get results. It's easy to use and can be customized for any industry or use case.

With the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you have access to:

  • Marketing automation that helps you send personalized emails, drip campaigns, SMS messages, and more.
  • Analytics dashboards that give you insights into your customer data so you can make better decisions about your marketing strategy.
  • Behavior tracking capabilities which can adjust your company’s marketing output in real time to meet the changing needs or wishes of your customer.

Here at Modelit, we’ve seen firsthand just how marketing automation tools can benefit the companies that employ them. We’ve begun implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud tools, quickly recognizing their value and taking advantage of the ease that they add to our projects.

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