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Building a Digital Experience

We’re living in the fourth industrial revolution, where technology is taking a prevailing role in our lives. The digital transformation is already here, and the organizations that can adapt to these changes are the ones who will succeed. According to the State of the Connected Customer report, 68% of customers said COVID-19 has elevated their expectations of a company’s digital capabilities. 

“I have enjoyed increasing my potential customers, and I hope to reach more of them.”


It’s fundamental to understand that a digital transformation is an investment and must impact every aspect of the organization—you will need money, time, and people. All the companies who invest in digital transformation are prepared for disruption, aiming to increase their revenue and improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

This process of transformation is not easy. A survey from Couchbase showed that 90% of digital transformations fail because they didn't meet the needs of the business. Part of the problem resides in the lack of strategy to change company culture and having people on board. Add to that, the customers are expecting an exceptional experience, so how do you get this digital presence?

Integrating Everything

Salesforce provides a tool that can help organizations with this digital transformation—Experience Cloud, previously named Community Cloud.

With Experience Cloud, you can build stronger long lasting relationships with your customers, partners and employees by creating multiple digital experiences to address their specific needs. 

You have limitless possibilities when it comes to building your experiences. You can connect your experiences to your CRM to extend your business process, offer beautifully branded experiences with standard and custom themes and templates, integrate data, and use Salesforce CMS to create content and deliver to any channel. 

Engaging with your customers, and empowering your partners and employees have never been easier because Experience Cloud lets you spin communities very quickly offering everything you need to easily maintain and administer them from a centralized location within your Salesforce org. 

Get the Most Out of Experience Cloud

Having a good understanding of your users, the use cases, and the licenses to fulfill your business needs is fundamental in getting the max ROI of Salesforce Experience Cloud. 

At Modelit, we have helped several clients with their Experience Cloud implementation. We have worked with B2B and B2C models, implementing multiple digital experiences based on different needs and requirements.

Our clients usually choose Experience Cloud for the availability, security, and sharing settings—provided by leveraging the trusted security model and capabilities of the Salesforce Platform. In addition to that, clients can benefit from a quicker time to market.

We always listen to our client's needs and have turned their challenges into solution options. We would love to help you grow and thrive with Experience Cloud.

Are you ready to deliver a connected digital experience?

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