We are Excited to Announce the Launch of Our Website

The big news is that Modelit has just launched this website. Welcome! You’re among the first visitors to come to our doorstep and read these pages. We now have a place to call home—our virtual home, that is.

You might be curious to see what we’re all about, someone may have told you about our exceptional performance and working environment so you’ve come to learn more, or you might be getting ready to make initial contact with us. We just want to say, whatever your reason for landing here, thank you.

We’re excited to present this website because it means we’re one step closer to meeting you. That means we can get to know you and your company, learn what systems you now have in place that may be inefficient, outdated, slowing down your operations, and possibly limiting your revenue. In turn, we can explain more fully the strong solutions we have for building or improving your business processes using cloud-based technologies

Perhaps your infrastructure is sound but you would like to create a product—a new revenue stream or an additional channel for engagement with your customers. We can build that for you, translating your ideas into an application that can be accessed on the web or on mobile devices.

So poke around. Discover who we are, what we can do, the mission and vision upon which we founded our company, the background of our tech-savvy team members, what drives us, and the traditions we are building.

On future visits to our blog, you’ll find it populated with topics selected to demystify the subjects of internet technology, help you appreciate its power to grow and strategically position your business, and to keep you abreast of what’s new at Modelit and IT globally.

Here’s what we have in mind. Let us know if you have an idea you’d like us to explore.

  • The benefits of cloud computing.
  • Why do I need a software consultant?
  • Case studies. How we solved a client’s challenge.
  • What is Salesforce.com and why you may need it.
  • What is Amazon Web Services and why you may need it.
  • The latest in cloud technology and how it can help your business.
  • How to win and influence customers with software tools.
  • What can creating a web application do for my business?
  • What is a typical day like at Modelit?

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