Continuous Integration with Salesforce DX and Bitbucket

At Dreamforce 2018, I presented on Continuous Integration with Salesforce DX and Bitbucket. My presentation introduces Bitbucket Pipelines and talks about some of the prerequisites for setup.

Bitbucket Pipelines is an integrated continuous integration service, built into Bitbucket. It allows you to automatically build, test, and even deploy your code, based on a config file in your repository.

I like the solution for the following reasons:

  • Easy to set up and configure – there are no continuous integration servers to setup, the only requirement is to enable Pipelines.
  • Unified experience – there is no need to switch apps. You can control your entire development workflow within Bitbucket.
  • Configuration as code – config is stored and managed from the Pipelines.yml file.
  • Automated deployments – automate error prone tasks, and let your team focus on critical assignments.
  • Align with branch structure – continuous integration strategy can be aligned with your branch structure, to support any workflow.
  • Easy to integrate – integrate seamlessly with Salesforce.

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